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[sticky post] The Almost-Master Fic Post

Strictly speaking, this isn't a master post -- it's far from all-inclusive. But it includes the status of and intended/potential additions to all my 'verses (mostly in the hope that I'll treat it like a publicized to-do list), plus oneshots that got a lot of positive feedback and/or that I particularly like (mostly because I just like pimping my best work, don't judge me ;)).

It's all in approximately backwards-chronological order. An asterisk denotes an active, current WIP. Links on verse titles are to the associated tags, which aren't fic-only.

ListCollapse )

Fic: Forever, "No Great Discovery"

A/N: Kythe42 and idelthoughts asked for Reece reveal fic. Ask and ye shall receive. Futurefic, 500 words (250x2).

No great discovery was ever made without a bold guess. – Isaac Newton

No Great DiscoveryCollapse )

Fic: TW, "Things Not Seen"

A/N: Random Greenberg ficlet. Set during "Galvanize" (3x15). 275 words.

Things Not SeenCollapse )

Fic: TW, "Memories and Mistletoe"

A/N: Had the inital "I want a mistletoe-centered TW Christmas fic" idea way back in July. This morning I finally wrote it. So, here's a drabble. (Naturally, there are some spoilers for "The Overlooked". And as always, "Melissa McCall" and "large amounts of fluff" appear to be a package deal.) Happy holidays!

Memories and MistletoeCollapse )

Fic: TW, "High Tide"

A/N: In which Stiles's second full moon has gone rather badly. Installment of the werewolf!Stiles AU (which has morphed into a drabble series more along the lines of Sam I Am than anything else). 250 words.

High TideCollapse )

Teen Wolf fic masterpost

Since I'm apparently on a Teen Wolf writing binge that isn't showing any signs of slowing down any time soon, I thought I'd make a special post for it all.

OneshotsCollapse )

SeriesCollapse )

Fic: TW, "Mother's Moon"

A/N: Part 3 of a missing-scene trilogy of sorts, begun with The Morning After. (Part 2 is currently unfinished.) 1,500 words even. Set about three weeks after 2x12, "Master Plan". Fair warning: This story is the fluffiest thing I have ever written in my entire life. It meets my whole fluff quota for forever. *collapses* (The title, by the way, is one of several names for the May full moon. Not even making that up.)

Mother's MoonCollapse )

Fic: TW, "Waiting to Exhale"

A/N: Drabble; minor spoilers for 3x11, "Alpha Pact". For Caitlin (zerawolfe7), who initially conceived of this idea in poetry form, and without whom this wouldn't exist. Thanks, and you're welcome. :) [Edited for canon-compliance 8/19-20. Oops.]

Waiting to ExhaleCollapse )

Fic: TW, "a fantastical truth"

Among my ongoing pile of Teen Wolf WIPs is a trans!Stiles AU where Stiles is bitten instead. I wrote this chunk in the wrong POV, so it stands alone and I thought I'd share. 100 words; title is from The Wolfman (2010).

a fantastical truthCollapse )

Fic: TW, "World on Fire"

A/N: Doubledrabble (200 words). Spoilers for 3x06, "Motel California". Warnings for angst and vague references to a canon suicide attempt. This might be the saddest thing I've ever written, you guys -- but that scene in Motel California was pretty much the saddest thing I've ever seen, so I guess that's fair.

World on FireCollapse )

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