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The Almost-Master Fic Post

Strictly speaking, this isn't a master post -- it's far from all-inclusive. But it includes the status of and intended/potential additions to all my 'verses (mostly in the hope that I'll treat it like a publicized to-do list), plus oneshots that got a lot of positive feedback and/or that I particularly like (mostly because I just like pimping my best work, don't judge me ;)).

It's all in approximately backwards-chronological order. An asterisk denotes an active, current WIP. Links on verse titles are to the associated tags, which aren't fic-only.


Hunter's Moon [Teen Wolf]
*Hunter's Moon
*Blood Moon [alternate ending -- TW: major character death]
*Sanguine Moon [alternate ending]

Untitled werewolf!FTM!Stiles AU drabble series [Teen Wolf AU/transfic]:
a fantastical truth
High Tide
Any Way, Shape, or Form
Cut Your Teeth (On Blood and Battle)

Untitled missing scene trilogy [Teen Wolf]:
The Morning After [prequel]
*Things Not Long Hidden
Mother's Moon [sequel]

Hollow Man [Warehouse 13 transfic]:
The Hollow Man
gesture without motion [companion fic - Myka]
such deliberate disguises [prequel - Angela]
in this last of meeting places [sequel - Steve]
sunlight on a broken column [sequel - Artie & Claudia]
wind in dry grass [sequel - Jane & Jeannie]

Lavender Blue [Inception transfic]:
Lavender Blue
Rosemary Green [companion fic]
when I am king you shall be queen [potential sequel]

Self-Portrait [White Collar transfic]:
Self-Portrait, In Skin (contains an internal link to four companion drabbles)
Portrait of a Lady [sequel - Elizabeth]
Reframed [bodyswap sequel]

Monsters [White Collar AU]:
He Who Fights Monsters (there is an internal link to the two other ficlets in the 'verse)
Shift [bodyswap sequel]

The Essence of Things [White Collar transfic]: Start with Part I; there are internal links between the three posted parts.

Sam I Am [Supernatural transfic]: Has its own masterpost here.

Never Can Tell [Dark Blue]: Nothing posted; on semipermanent hiatus at least until I watch the last few episodes of the series.


*Untitled futurefic [Teen Wolf/Tomorrow People]
*Form and Substance [Teen Wolf transfic]
World on Fire [Teen Wolf]
Dark Waters [Teen Wolf AU futurefic]
*My Body is a Cage [Pound Puppies transfic]
Entry Wounds [Warm Bodies sickfic -- TW: ED]
Skin and Bones [Warm Bodies sickfic -- TW: ED]
haunted bodies in ghost towns [Warm Bodies transfic]
*Colt-Hearted [My Little Pony transfic]
Chasing Down Ghosts [Inception/Lookout fusion]
Untitled prompt fill [Inception/Harry Potter]
A New Kind of Blues [White Collar sickfic]
iFreddie 2.0 [iCarly transfic]
We'll Live and Die in These Towns [Inception sickfic]
when there's nothing left to burn (you have to set yourself on fire) [Suits transfic -- TW: SI]
and we'll be young men together [Inception transfic]
Inspiration Strikes (Like a Thief in the Night) [Twilight Zone RPF/Inception]
sand the rough edges (make the pieces fit) [Inception transfic]
against a sea of time [Inception/Memento fusion]
Untitled longfic, working title "the Epic" [Inception FPF/RPF]
Sisterhood [Firefly transfic]
Used to Know By Heart [White Collar]
put the people in their places [White Collar]
A Memory of the Smell of Smoke [Quantum Leap transfic]
Reflections in a Broken Mirror [Listener transfic]

Tags: !masterlist, fanfic, links
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