Justin (lonetread) wrote,

Fic: Teen Wolf, "The Morning After"

Drabble set after 2x10, "Fury"; written for the prompt "breakfast" on Facebook's "Fanfiction.net Writers Unite" group.

The Morning After

After everything that had happened, Scott had felt he might sleep for a week. Instead, he was downstairs for breakfast as usual. As though nothing had happened, as though nothing had changed.

But by the third time his mom glanced at him and her heart skipped a beat – not seeing him – he knew something had.

Look at me! he wanted to yell. I’m right here. The wolf is part of me, but it’s not all of me – I’m still your son.

That, or, Pass the milk.

In the end, in suffocating silence, he got up and got the milk himself.
Tags: fanfic, fic: teen wolf, verse: melissa
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