Justin (lonetread) wrote,

Fic: TW, "Memories and Mistletoe"

A/N: Had the inital "I want a mistletoe-centered TW Christmas fic" idea way back in July. This morning I finally wrote it. So, here's a drabble. (Naturally, there are some spoilers for "The Overlooked". And as always, "Melissa McCall" and "large amounts of fluff" appear to be a package deal.) Happy holidays!

Memories and Mistletoe

When Scott comes downstairs on Christmas morning, his gaze lands on the mistletoe in the entryway and he stops dead.

At the look on his face, Melissa suddenly remembers his friend in the hospital, vomiting mistletoe. Remembers the story he’d shared about mistletoe, and what little else he’d told her about that night – the night she’d been taken.

“Oh, sweetie, I’m sorry.” She’s under it in moments, reaching to take it down.

Just as quickly, Scott’s arms are around her. “Love you, Mom,” he says.

“Love you too, kiddo.” She lowers her outstretched arm to hug him back. “Merry Christmas.”
Tags: fanfic, fic: teen wolf
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