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Drabble not for un_love_you this time, but solely for Writo de Mayo.

I'm pretty sure I'll concatenate these into a bigger, possibly epic venture at some point, but for now, it's just the Sam-I-Am 'verse. (Here's the first one. ETA: Try here instead.) Have at it:

Getting Reacquainted (Sam I Am II)

Sam wasn’t particularly surprised that the first time he’d seen his brother in years, Dean greeted him by tackling him to the floor. Some things never change.

But by the look on Dean’s face, that wasn’t what he was thinking.

“Oh, sorry,” Dean got out, “I thought—”

Sam flipped him right back over, his training kicking in.

“Hey, Dean. Good to see you, too.”


“Been a while, hasn’t it?”

Dean nodded, not making a secret of the fact that he was staring open-mouthed at his sibling. “Sure has. You… look different.”

Sam grinned. “Glad to see you noticed.”

And Dean smiled back, hesitantly. “So, what? You’re a guy now?”

“Yeah.” Sam nodded, suddenly very unsure about his oh-so-not-queer brother’s reaction. “You’re not…. We’re cool, right?”

“’Course we are, it’s just gonna take some getting used to.”

Sam nodded again, accepting that, and Dean asked, “So how long…?”

“I came out around here a couple semesters ago. Everyone’s been great.”

Dean nodded, and they sat in companionable silence for a moment, until Sam said, amusement in his voice, “Was there something you came here for, or did you just want to catch up?”

“Oh, yeah,” Dean said. “About that.”


ETA: It turned into a double-drabble, because I really couldn't handle the random ending. Second half's been edited in. Enjoy. 

Further ETA: New theme is shiny. :)

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